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The Inside Out Understanding: Miracles, Myths and Implications

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A Series of 3 x 90 minute Webinars


Tuesdays 7, 14 and 28 May 2024

@ 10am CDT, 4pm UK time

In this 3-session webinar series Mavis Karn and Christian McNeill plan to focus on some common misunderstandings around the Inside-out paradigm, miracles that are overlooked and some of the implications that flow from Insight. 


Mavis and Christian have collaborated in hosting webinars for a number of years and have noticed some occasional misconceptions, including some of our own! We are also aware that can be a tendency to underestimate what’s on offer. 


As Syd Banks once remarked to Mavis, ‘Never get used to the miracles, Dearie!’


For this series we want to address this. Some of the topics we intend to cover include:


Why calm and clarity are more powerful than constant happiness.
Why a quiet mind does not imply passivity.
The value of deeply knowing the source of all distress.
Moving from powerlessness to effectiveness in your life

As ever our co-teaching style gives plenty of room for topics and questions that are important  or puzzling to you. 

Cost £120/$150


(Early bird £95/$120 until 27 April 2024)  To access the early bird option please use this discount code: MIRACLES

To book in pounds click here:  


Early bird:


Full price:

To book online in USD click on the button below.

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Mavis Karn is a veteran teacher, counselor and mentor, who has worked with people from every walk of life for over 40 years. She is a powerful guide who invariably touches her clients deeply. She has recently published  ‘It's That Simple: A User's Manual for Human Beings.’ 


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Christian McNeill is a 3 Principles practitioner based in Scotland and is

the co-author of Addiction: One Cause, One Solution.

We are both passionate about sharing this understanding with as many people as possible and supporting others to do that too.

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