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Are you experiencing early signs of burnout such as frustration with clients, fatigue, anxiety before sessions, and dreading going to work?

Have you already experienced burnout and started to think that you may need to change your career?

Does it feel like in your profession that you are always helping others but have no time to help yourself? 

What if there is a way to effortlessly help others and enjoy your career while honoring your needs?

Join us on a journey where we´ll be covering:


Deep Effortless Listening: How to connect with others and ourselves on a deeper level leading to easier and more efficient communication.

Addictions: Most of us are addicted to something: Facebook, our negative thoughts, the need to be accepted by others, a false sense of control, anxiety and much more. Understanding addictions as false needs that our mind creates and seeing how we innocently look outside ourselves to try to feel better. 

Becoming Burnout Proof: Understanding how we create our experience, how to tap into the real source of well-being and energy, and how to use our inner guiding system to balance ourselves no matter what's happening in our environment.


We will explore burnout and how easy that can happen when we do not understand how our mind really works. All this and more will be covered. This will be a journey of collaborative learning. There will be safe, open, non-judgmental space for your questions and whatever you'd like to share with us.


Recordings will be available for all participants within 24 hours of session.





6 90-minute sessions on Tuesdays at 2 PM CST starting on March 7th held by Zoom.


Fee: $900 - Scholarships are available


Danielle Guinaugh is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and currently the Clinical Director at Gulf Breeze Recovery, where she has worked since its inception in 2013. Danielle has a passion for seeing the guests at Gulf Breeze Recovery rediscover their health and well-being. She helped create and maintain the family support group at Gulf Breeze Recovery, an ongoing resource available for life to family members and loved ones who have graduated the Gulf Breeze Recovery program. In her role as Clinical Director, she guides the clinical team, providing supervision and ensuring a culture of self-care is maintained in order to ensure guests of the program receive the best possible care. Prior to working with Gulf Breeze Recovery, she provided counseling services in the Escambia county jail, working with individuals struggling with addiction and many other life concerns. She received her Master’s Degree in Psychology and Counseling from Troy University in October of 2013. She is also a Master’s Level
Certified Addiction Professional.

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I am a counselor, educator and a consultant in private practice in St. Paul Minnesota in the US. I have spent over forty-five years doing my work with individuals, families, businesses, hospitals, schools, prisons, government agencies and treatment centers, police departments and nonprofits, law firms, Native American tribes and agencies, individual athletes and teams and coaches and therapists and so on and so on...

My work has taken me all over the US and to South Africa, as well as most recently to many countries on Zoom.

I realized that this may all appear to be very impressive, but I am in the evening of my life, and it took quite a while for this list to grow. In the end though, it has all seemed to me to be simply a moment-to-moment accumulation of time spent doing what I love to do, passing on the best information I ever got in my life, to anyone else who's interested in hearing it

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