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Relaxing Into the Ebb and Flow of Feelings
with Christian McNeill and Mavis Karn


A series of 4 x 90min webinars

Thursdays @10am Central, 4pm UK


Starting Thursday 8 June - 29 June 23

When people first discover the true source of their feelings, they can experience both freedom and the mistaken idea that negative feelings are gone forever. 


In this series we explore:


  • Why good people still get caught up in thoughts/feelings - and why it doesn’t mean anything.

  • The freedom of having a different relationship to ‘negative’ emotions.

  • The value of practising self-compassion.

  • Staying out of the comparison trap.

  • Why it’s a good idea not to go to war with your own mind.

  • The disproportionately uncomfortable experience of judgement or Shedding Judgement


We aim to help you find greater acceptance of the ever-changing flow of thought/feeling and to uncover the deeper peace which underlies that flow.

$249 (Early Bird $199 until 4 June)

Christian McNeill is a 3 Principles practitioner and is the co-author of Addiction: One Cause, One Solution.

Together we have hosted many short series exploring our Divine Nature.

To Book in UK £ click here.
To book in USD click on the button below 


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