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Ellen Friedman
- USA -

Follow your heart when this program is right for you!  This program exceeded my wishes!  I had the most relaxing and loving Thanksgiving holiday with my family. (And, that says a lot!)  My clients are sharing comments regarding the profound impact of our sessions.  Most of all, my experience of inner peace, acceptance of myself and my family as well as a deeper felt sense of life is present. 

It’s that simple


Javier Córdova
- México -

This program helped me to really learn to listen to myself deeply, to be more compassionate towards myself, to forgive myself, to recalibrate myself, and to return to that state of clarity and peace of mind from which I can allow myself to be guided by my inner wisdom. And this is priceless. Well, I was able to deepen my understanding of the Three Principles in order to be a better person, a better coach, and a better guide for people. If you are thinking of joining this program just do it, it will change your life.


Wendy Davies
- UK 


This program was a new experience that is difficult to put into words.  I saw that everybody got something from it and that showed in the difference in us at the beginning and then at the end.  We all gained from spending time with Mavis and Azul and finished with a beautiful feeling inside.  What more can you ask for!


Ben Tan 
- Malaysia -


During this program I enjoyed the reflective homework , the constant pointing to how well we are made, the encouragement to be myself totally , the sharing of the deeper feeling and remembering that it’s about what I don’t do rather than what I do ( the fact that I am getting in my own way). If you are thinking about joining the program wouldn’t it be awesome that you get to know how well you are made and be attuned to that?


Zoë Torno
- USA -

Mavis & Azul have a graceful presence together. Being in this collaborative conversation for 9 weeks was like playing in the realms of formlessness and form.

I loved the sharing of stories and the ‘ah hah’ moments that arose spontaneously when a glimpse of Divine Perfection beamed through the ego intellect into the heart. It’s so very beautiful to experience the felt-sense ‘Feeling’ that Syd is pointing to.


 Quoting Mavis… “It’s that simple!”

Follow the gentle inner nudge, that is wisdom guiding you to come home to yourself.

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