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Living Without Problems

How would it be to go through life without problems? How might that even be possible?
What would it be like to be free of ruminating on chronic issues? Or worrying about future events?
How can you know that a situation you are thinking about is actually a problem?

What difference would it make if you had even an inkling that you don’t know how it might turn out?

In this 4-webinar series, we will be looking at all of these questions and more.

We hope you will leave the series realising that you can enjoy a life of contentment and peace of mind.

There will be time for everyone who wishes to raise questions and receive coaching within the group sessions.

These sessions will be recorded and made available to group members after each call.

Christian McNeill has been a 3 Principles practitioner for 9 years and is the co-author of Addiction: One Cause, One Solution.

A 4-webinar Series With Mavis Karn and Christian McNeill
Starts Thursday   5  Jan   2023     @4pm UK

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