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The most important information you will ever learn

with Mavis Karn & Christian McNeill

In our next series, we will focus on what we both consider to the the most important thing
we ever learned. We hope t
o help you realise that you are divinely designed and that the
only thing you are ever dealing with is Thought in the Moment.


Some of the topics that we imagine might arise include:


  • Overload versus overwhelm

  • Why acceptance is not submission

  • Scarcity, abundance and success

  • Thought that doesn’t look like thought

  • Blindspots

  • Anything else that you want to discuss...

Mavis and Christian host these series with a co-teaching approach. The actual content of
each webinar is guided by the participants, with everyone having an opportunity to raise
the issues important to them.

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Mavis Karn is a veteran teacher, counselor and mentor, who has worked with people from every walk of life for over 40 years. She is a powerful guide who invariably touches her clients deeply. She has recently published  ‘It's That Simple: A User's Manual for Human Beings.’ 


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Christian McNeill is a 3 Principles practitioner based in Scotland and is the co-author of Addiction: One Cause, One Solution.

A series of 4 x 90 minute webinars 
Tuesdays at 4pm GMT, 10am CT (*11am CT on 31 October only)

Starts Tuesday 31 October - 21 November

$249/£199 (Early Bird $199/£159 until 21 October) 

To pay in USD click below.  


To pay in £ by bank transfer please contact Christian McNeill on

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